This Little Phishy…

Apparently May is “Scams Awareness Month” (who thinks up of these things?) and so I took a little peak inside my spam box and I found an interesting little number which I thought I would share with you as my contribution to help raise awareness…

It is a fairly traditional phishing email, made interesting by the fact that the scammers are trying to pass themselves off as The FBI. It is certainly not the worst effort I have seen but it is still littered with errors which are a dead giveaway. The sneakiest bit was the email address which shows as “F.B.I WASHINGTONG D.C <>”. The bit in angled brackets gives a false impression of a genuine fbi email address however this is just the way the fraudsters have set “display name” … click on reply and you get a totally different email address.

Anyway… here we go:

FBI Phishing Advisory
“FBI Phishing Advisory” by ‽ [Interrobang] Media is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

As ever stay safe out there!


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