#TheFraudTube Preview: Social Media Links

In addition to #TheFraudTube website you can also keep up to date and interact with #TheFraudTube using your chosen social media networks.

Right now you can follow or link with #TheFraudTube using:

  • LinkedIn: Join our LinkedIn group and network with your peers, events and jobs will be posted here as well
  • Facebook: News and events will be posted to our Facebook page
  • Pinterest: News and stories will be pinned here, follow us and we will add you to a shared board
  • Twitter: Got news, tell us about it using hashtag #TheFraudTube. Follow us (@TheFraudTube)
  • Google+: News will be posted here, as Google+ develops we may also host seminars and discussions via hangouts
  • YouTube: Original and reposted video content can be found via our YouTube channel, organised into themed playlists

Shortly after launch additional options for keeping up with news and events will become available, initially including:

  • paper.li: A weekly digest of the most relevant news via #TheFraudTube Echo, plus one off specials following specific events
  • foursquare: Find out where we are reporting from at specific events and then come and meet us!
  • rss feeds: Subscribe to our feeds to keep updated with news, blogs and events