#TheFraudTube Preview: International News

As well as producing our own reports and content (as shown in yesterdays preview) we will also re-post a selection of news stories and reports from the internet such as the following from BBC Newsnight

Former Wickes cashier James Ibori jailed for massive corruption

Source: BBC Newsnight, 16th April 2012

James Ibori was a petty criminal who once worked for the DIY store Wickes, but he re-invented himself as one of the richest – and most corrupt – of Nigeria’s regional governors.

UK aid funded firms ‘linked to Nigeria fraudster Ibori’

Source: BBC Newsnight, 16th April 2012

Britain’s Department for International Development is accused of allowing tens of millions of pounds in UK aid to be invested in Nigerian money laundering fronts, BBC Newsnight has learned.

Newsnight on BBCi Player

Source: BBC iPlayer, 16th April 2012

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