Sausage and Mash Machine

atmJust a couple of days ago I was in E17 with my new apprentice (yes, you may call me Lord Dodder-Hodder-Fodder) and we were looking at a potential new office space for Fraud Consulting, #TheFraudTube and ‽ [Interrobang] Media… At lunchtime we popped out for something to eat at a cafe on the high street. It was a strange experience as I was not expecting to see a menu written in Russian (or perhaps Bulgarian, or some other Cyrillic based language). The waitress was odd and basically didn’t speak English and service was minimal, but the food was OK.

Following lunch we both needed to obtain some cash. The first cash point we found was one that charges – no thanks… the next one was possibly the most bizarre (and entertaining) cash point I have ever seen in my life. I shall say no more and let you come to your own conclusions based upon the following photos (taken in rather a hurry as there was a queue forming to use the machine):

Select language

Select language

Huckleberry Finn

Huckleberry Finn

Moolah or Rattle & Tank Balance

Want some moolah for ya sky rocket or a rattle & tank balance?

Double Top?

Speckeled Hen, Horn of Plenty, Dirty or Double Top


About Darren Hodder

Darren HodderDarren is the director of Fraud Consulting Ltd, which was incorporated in July 2009 to provide vendor neutral fraud consultancy services to clients covering financial services, banking, telecommunications and insurance industries, both in the UK and internationally.

His experience ranges from working on single portfolio in-house solutions through to national fraud bureaux and data sharing initiatives. Prior to his current position Darren worked for Experian Decision Analytics (EDA) where he held various roles within the Fraud & Identity Solutions and Global Technology groups over a 10 year period.

Darren is an active member of the Fraud Advisory Panel, IAFCI and the ACFE. He is also a member of the editorial board for E-Finance & Payments Law & Policy published by Cecile Park Publishing.

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