Report: UK BIS Information Security Breaches Survey 2013

Source: GOV.UK, 23rd April 2013

The Information Security Breaches Survey, commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), said firms were now “struggling to keep up” with security threats.

“In total, the cost to UK plc of security breaches is of the order of billions of pounds per annum – it’s roughly tripled over the last year,” the report stated.

The report sets out the number and nature of information security breaches experienced by UK business in the past year. The report compares this data with the 2012 information security breaches survey technical report. This illustrates the scale of cyber security threats facing business and shows how these have increased. It shows how the average number of breaches has risen for both large and small businesses, with small businesses in particular experiencing higher levels of attacks from outsiders.

The government has also published guidance for small businesses on cyber security.

Executive Summary Report

Full Technical Report

Interactive Report