#FunnyFraud Top 10 TV Comedy Moments…

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Of course we now should finish with some comedy gold and so here is our top 10 fraud related TV comedy moments:


10. Mr Bean / Credit Card Mix Up


9. Bennett Arron / Bennett Offers Identity Protection at Shopping Centre


8. Monty Python / Fraudulent Hungarian Phrase Book


7. Yes, Minister / You’re a Banker…


6. Only Fools and Horses / Trotter Independent Traders Headed Note Paper


5. The Simpsons / Voting Fraud


4. Peter Cook / Corrupt Judge


3. Monty Python / The Man Who Only Speaks the Ends of Words


2. Yes, Prime Minister / Who Reads the Papers?


1. Fawlty Towers / Basil Duped by Fraudster Posing as “Lord Melbury”


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