Masseuse Maribel Milligan Jailed for £539k Benefit Fraud

“She told a catalogue of lies, tricking inspectors and claiming so many benefits.”
Photo credit: DWP

Source: BBC News

Maribel Milligan who claimed £539,000 in benefits over 11 years while working as a masseuse has been jailed. Milligan told authorities she was a single, disabled person with no income and needed 24-hour care. But the 53-year-old, of County Durham, hid her marriage, owned several properties and was a company shareholder.

She was found guilty of fraud at Teesside Crown Court and jailed for three years. When she was arrested at her home in 2013, she was not using a wheelchair and was able to walk downstairs unaided.

Photographs of her working as a masseuse and a video of her dancing were found on seized computers and mobile phones.