Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith

Senior Payment Services & Risk Management Consultant and Business Adviser,


Kevin is an experienced senior payment services and risk management consultant, with 30 years of retail management, retail banking and payment systems knowledge and experience, achieved through various management and leadership roles.

Kevin remains a leading industry subject matter expert, as well as an independent and trusted consultant. Along with consulting partner, Bill Trueman, he is a co-director of the boutique consultancy Riskskill ( and additionally co-founder of the Association of Independent Risk & Fraud Advisors (

Since leaving Visa Europe in 2011 and pursuing an independent consulting career, major clients have engaged Kevin in the UK, across Europe and internationally – addressing business development and risk management concerns across merchant acquiring and acceptance, card issuance, technology innovation, as well as optimising retail payments and third-party relationships. Kevin brings a business focus to fraud and risk management, operational performance, information management, as well as scheme and regulatory compliance.

His Visa career spanned almost 17 years, commencing in the development, management and marketing of Visa consumer card and merchant acceptance programmes, embracing every aspect of the end-to-end value chain. This included a secondment to Visa International’s global HQ in the USA, where Kevin project-led the development and evolution of the global Visa chip business rules.

Latterly, and since early 2009, Kevin moved into risk management at Visa. He was appointed Senior Vice President, Fraud Management and Compliance at Visa Europe. In this role, Kevin championed numerous scheme and industry initiatives, and represented Visa Europe in various regulatory, law enforcement and payments industry and retail groups, including the Merchant Risk Council (MRC) European Advisory Board.