iovation Webinar: Top 10 Business Rules to Thwart Cybercrime

Your success in stopping online fraud and abuse is largely determined by the fraud prevention techniques you employ and how you measure transaction risk. With cybercriminals pushing the limits to exploit vulnerabilities, it’s imperative that organizations educate themselves about security trends, best practices and the latest tools available to thwart evolving fraud threats.

To empower fraud analysts, iovation will be sharing some of the methods that online businesses are using to fight fraud, in an upcoming webinar titled, “Top 10 Business Rules Used by Online Merchants,” on Wednesday, May 23rd from 9:00-10:00 am PDT.

Of course, we can’t share everything, but we will provide insight into some of the business rules and levers that you can adjust to decrease manual reviews, identify suspicious activity much more quickly, and automate transactions flowing into your “accept, deny or review” queues.

iovation’s Vice President of Global Sales, Max Anhoury, and Senior Implementation Manager, Anthea Karl, will lead this discussion on proactively assessing risk and determining which transactions to trust and which to reject. The webinar will discuss important fraud detection topics such as:

  • Which website integration points pose the highest risk
  • How global fraud analysts use and share information about 10 million fraud events
  • The top business rules in use today by iovation clients
  • Various ways geolocation and country rules can be used
  • How velocity, watch lists, anomaly and risk profile rules work
  • How to customize risk scoring and set thresholds
  • How to adjust rule settings as new threats emerge

Tom Donlea, Managing Director at the Merchant Risk Council who is providing the platform for the webinar, said sharing fraud prevention information with online business plays an important role to individual organizations and online communities as a whole.

“Improving the knowledge of key trends and best practices improves the collective fraud prevention efforts of the entire online merchant community.”

Register for the Top 10 Business Rules webinar on the MRC website: