#FunnyFraud Is Back! We Want Your Comical Stories

So, with Red Nose Day just a week away, I thought I might resurrect #FunnyFraud, our micro-blog on the amusing side of fraud. Before you all scream at me “but fraud is a serious topic”, just hear me out for a moment… yes, fraud is very serious. However if you can’t laugh at the ridiculousness of it all sometimes then when can you laugh? Besides this I also think that taking a light-hearted approach we can help raise awareness.

If we could also raise just a little bit of money for Comic Relief in the process then even better. (Please make donations to fundraising page here).

If you have something amusing to share then post it up on Twitter with the hashtag #FunnyFraud, if we like it enough then we will feature it here on #TheFraudTube,

To get the ball rolling, here is a story that made me snigger like a little school child the other day:


Vibrator maker ordered to pay out C$4m for tracking users’ sexual activity – credit: The Guardian

Seriously? I have been quite cynical about “The Internet of Things”, I don’t feel the need to have a coffee machine that is hooked up on my WiFi for example (and yes I have seen the stories about one such device that has a security flaw, allowing hackers access to your entire home network). To quote one of my friends “When a dildo prompts you for a WiFi passcode…alarm bells should ring 😄”

Naturally when I posted this to Twitter the result was hilarity… mainly between myself and @MissIG_Geek… here is a selection:

Now it is over to you… what do you have to share to delight, entertain and educate?


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Darren HodderDarren is the director of Fraud Consulting Ltd, which was incorporated in July 2009 to provide vendor neutral fraud consultancy services to clients covering financial services, banking, telecommunications and insurance industries, both in the UK and internationally.

His experience ranges from working on single portfolio in-house solutions through to national fraud bureaux and data sharing initiatives. Prior to his current position Darren worked for Experian Decision Analytics (EDA) where he held various roles within the Fraud & Identity Solutions and Global Technology groups over a 10 year period.

Darren is an active member of the Fraud Advisory Panel, IAFCI and the ACFE. He is also a member of the editorial board for E-Finance & Payments Law & Policy published by Cecile Park Publishing.

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We are raising awareness of fraud though a series of amusing/comical posts. Whilst fraud is a serious topic, we believe that comedy is a good method to make people think whilst also being entertained. The #FunnyFraud posts are in aid of Red Nose Day, if you found this post to be useful then please consider a small donation.

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