Data Sharing: Another Weapon in your Fighting Fraud Armoury

We keep being reminded in the financial and industry press that fraud is a problem and it’s not going away.

Being at the sharp end we know that for a fact and there does not seem to be a reverse or even neutral gear where fraud is concerned. Now that the impact is being measured more effectively the numbers have become quite frightening.

The Fraud Prevention Forum (FPF) was formed 11 years ago with the objective of helping B2B companies defend themselves from the fraudster. While law enforcement want to help it is apparent that they do not have the resources and their priorities lie elsewhere. So it’s down to the company to try and keep up with the Fraudster who always appears to be two steps ahead and has a radar for zeroing in on the un-prepared.

The FPF meets on a quarterly basis around the UK and soon we will be holding meetings in Europe. However it is not just a series of meetings it’s a “Support Community” where the members, co-sponsors and expert partners are able to exchange solutions, share ideas and generally keep up to date in the fight against crime.

We are very pleased to announce that the FPF has added a new weapon to it armoury. We have now been joined by Contego Fraud Solutions Ltd and are now able to offer two linked systems: “Alerts & Articles” and a transaction Risk Scoring system

  • The Articles & Alerts system allows FPF members to securely share Fraud Alerts and other documents with other members and other authorised users
  • Members will be able to trial the transaction Risk Scoring system if they wish to: this can be used to check single transactions, batches of transactions or to integrate Contego checks into existing systems using the Contego Web Service (or “API”)
  • Alerts posted by Law Enforcement Agencies and selected other fraud forums will also be available within the system
  • I would stress that any articles and/or alerts that are shared are only visible by other members of the same forum.

In summary can you afford not to be a FPF member and take advantage of the Contego Alert system? For more information on FPF membership or the Contego system, email

About Laurie Beagle

Laurie is a well-recognised figure in the UK credit industry having held a number of positions including UK Credit Operations & Development Manager at Digital Equipment, Industry Group Manager at Graydon UK Ltd, Operations Manager in the Computer & Communications Market Intelligence Centre at Dun & Bradstreet, and latterly held an International Senior Managers role at PwC. He has a background in credit management, consultancy and training. His prime focus is the IT and Telecoms sectors and is a Fellow of the Institute of Credit Management.

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