Fake Priest in Nun Based Advance Fee Scam

Seriously, you could not make this up! Many thanks to @Isaiz for this one… Basically a Honduran citizen (Franklin Jeovany TT) posed as priest to defraud Spanish convents. In what has to be the most specific advance fee fraud scam we have ever heard of, Jeovany conned the convents out of money and supplied would be “nuns” who after … Read more

Freddie and Eddie

These old ads from the “Better Business Bureau” are just brilliant, so very corny but true:

Freddie the Fraud

Easy Eddie

We are raising awareness of fraud though a series of amusing/comical posts. Whilst fraud is a serious topic, we believe that comedy is a good method to make people think whilst also being entertained. The #FunnyFraud posts are in aid of Red Nose Day, if you found this post to be useful then please consider a small donation.

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P!ss Poor Phish

Just to get us started, here is an oldie… Worst phishing attempt ever, I mean really come on! Ignoring the fact that I have no account with Western Union… From “WesterUnion” no space between the words Western and Union Subject: “Update Profil” What’s a profil? How do you update such a thing? False URLs See popup when hanging … Read more

What is #FunnyFraud?

#FunnyFraud is our little contribution to Red Nose Day 2013. Our aim is simple; to raise awareness of fraud & identity issues in an entertaining way… And to raise some money for Comic Relief… Our two aims are to raise awareness of fraud & identity issues and to raise some money for Comic Relief…And have … Read more