Latest ATM Fraud: Another 45 Million Reasons for Change

Once again we have been reminded of the vulnerability of financial institutions to credit card fraud. Last week we saw the news that a large gang of thieves (a number of whom have just been arrested in New York) managed to steal an enormous $45 million from thousands of ATMs in just a matter of hours. … Read more

Is That Mobile Application Invading My Privacy?

Facebook now offers “Home.” Facebook says “With Home, everything on your phone gets friendlier. From the moment you turn it on, you see a steady stream of friends’ posts and photos. Upfront notifications and quick access to your essentials mean you’ll never miss a moment. And you can keep chatting with friends, even when you’re … Read more

This Little Phishy…

Apparently May is “Scams Awareness Month” (who thinks up of these things?) and so I took a little peak inside my spam box and I found an interesting little number which I thought I would share with you as my contribution to help raise awareness… It is a fairly traditional phishing email, made interesting by … Read more

Fraud – Education Alone Is Not Enough

At a round-table event organised recently by the Payments Cards and Mobile team, and attended by a number of payments and mobile specialists, I was struck by how the subject of identity theft has gone from being a niche occurrence problematic for a few to a genuinely mainstream concern. And not only for security officers and banks, … Read more

Dr. Drew Talks to Boston Terror Witnesses

A pair of explosions at the Boston Marathon left at least three people dead and dozens injured Monday. In this video clip, HLN’s Dr. Drew talks to Boston Marathon runners Robert Siciliano and Thom Keeney about what they witnessed during the terror attack. (Our thoughts are with all those affected by this incident – #TheFraudTube) Hotlines For families … Read more

The High Rise Prostitute

Some benefit fraud cases take months and even years to investigate, can be complex and very involved.    They take a lot of hard work, hours spent trying to establish and demonstrate links between people, finances, businesses and properties, for example.  Then there are those which just fall at your feet, such is the case of … Read more


When I was younger I would walk, twice a year, door-to-door, asking for money. This wasn’t to help me build a new go-kart, buy a puncture repair kit for my Space Hopper or fund my subscription to Smash Hits. This was to raise money for charity. One of the annual neighbourly visits would be to … Read more

OFT Closes Payday Lender

A Blog by Neil Pool In November 2010 it emerged that a Finnish company, trading in the UK as Help Loan, had been targeted by organised crime.  It was reported that about 9,000 innocent people had their details compromised. Because Help Loan had poor operational procedures, the criminals that stole the identities managed fraudulently obtain … Read more

A Month in the Life of a Fraud Consultant

Wow, what a mad few weeks it has been at Fraud Consulting HQ… If my blogging activity has been a bit sporadic it is because I no longer have time to think let alone write. However I do need to ensure that @FraudBloke doesn’t completely take over blogging here at #TheFraudTube and so I have … Read more