Ransomware: Prepare, Prevent, Respond

Ransomware is the extortion-driven malware epidemic sweeping the globe. There are a large and growing number of Ransomware programs all with variants being created on a daily basis in order to evade anti-malware tools. As with WannaCry, the designs may increasingly use worm-like capabilities, allowing the malware to spread automatically and rapidly. Most Ransomware infections begin with either inadvertent … Read more

Tax Havens: The How & Why, Without the Semi-Hysteria

The following has been reproduced with kind permission from Jeffrey Robinson In the weeks following the release of “Secrecy for Sale” – the eBook version of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists’ (ICIJ) brilliant look at tax evasion and the role of the offshore world – the Internet, Facebook and Twitter (especially Twitter) went semi-hysterical with … Read more

OFT Closes Payday Lender

A Blog by Neil Pool In November 2010 it emerged that a Finnish company, trading in the UK as Help Loan, had been targeted by organised crime.  It was reported that about 9,000 innocent people had their details compromised. Because Help Loan had poor operational procedures, the criminals that stole the identities managed fraudulently obtain … Read more

The Ultimate White List

The following has been reproduced with kind permission from Jeffrey Robinson At this week’s money laundering and asset recovery summit in Antigua where I delivered the keynote address to an audience from several jurisdictions — an audience which included government ministers , the judiciary, law enforcement, financial investigators, bankers, businessmen, the chief justice of the … Read more