The High Rise Prostitute

Some benefit fraud cases take months and even years to investigate, can be complex and very involved.    They take a lot of hard work, hours spent trying to establish and demonstrate links between people, finances, businesses and properties, for example.  Then there are those which just fall at your feet, such is the case of … Read more

The Not So Honest Vicar

With the very favourable reaction to my first blog post here still ring in my ears (and in my Twitter, email and Facebook inboxes – Thanks Everyone!) I was persuaded to hit the keyboard once again and recount another in the series of unusual cases from the recent past.  This time the case of the … Read more

Local Authority Fraud & Error: An Unusual #Win!

I have been a Counter Fraud Specialist for over twenty years, specialising in protecting the public purse and since jumping into self-employment ten years ago I have worked for many clients in all four corners of the UK, mainly in the areas of Benefit, Tenancy and Corporate Fraud and usually my clients are Local Councils.  … Read more