Licence to Steal Identities….

My daughter is applying for her first driving licence. This is quite emotional for me for two reasons; firstly, it seems like only yesterday I was picking her up from nursery and secondly because the Driving Licence Application Form states that a Birth Certificate is no longer accepted as sole proof of identity. That’s because of me…

Sitting on the Offence…

Earlier this year I was again asked to host the BBC London Comic Relief event for Red Nose Day. This time, instead of having well known radio and TV presenters being mentored and performing, members of the public had been asked to volunteer. When the auditions were taking place, one of the questions that kept … Read more


When I was younger I would walk, twice a year, door-to-door, asking for money. This wasn’t to help me build a new go-kart, buy a puncture repair kit for my Space Hopper or fund my subscription to Smash Hits. This was to raise money for charity. One of the annual neighbourly visits would be to … Read more

That Was The Year

As we leave the first quarter of 2013, I’ve been looking back over the previous year. How will 2012 be remembered? For me I’ll remember having some lovely gigs, making a documentary for BBC Wales, starting work on a new children’s sitcom which has just finished being filmed in Belgium and going to Poland for a Fraud … Read more

It Wasn’t Me, It Was Bennett Arron

So, Identity Theft. What is it really? Well, I’m glad you asked. It’s basically when your personal details are used fraudulently to open accounts or obtain documentation in your name. This could result in debts being accumulated, for which you would initially be accountable – until you prove yourself innocent. ID theft is quite commonplace … Read more