Ransomware: Prepare, Prevent, Respond

Ransomware is the extortion-driven malware epidemic sweeping the globe. There are a large and growing number of Ransomware programs all with variants being created on a daily basis in order to evade anti-malware tools. As with WannaCry, the designs may increasingly use worm-like capabilities, allowing the malware to spread automatically and rapidly. Most Ransomware infections begin with either inadvertent … Read more

Licence to Steal Identities….

My daughter is applying for her first driving licence. This is quite emotional for me for two reasons; firstly, it seems like only yesterday I was picking her up from nursery and secondly because the Driving Licence Application Form states that a Birth Certificate is no longer accepted as sole proof of identity. That’s because of me…

P!ss Poor Phish

So, today I checked my mail and found the usual selection of spam and phishing emails. Although most get caught by filters from my ISP or via installed internet security there are always a few that slip the net. There was one such case that caught my eye and, although I knew it was a … Read more

Sitting on the Offence…

Earlier this year I was again asked to host the BBC London Comic Relief event for Red Nose Day. This time, instead of having well known radio and TV presenters being mentored and performing, members of the public had been asked to volunteer. When the auditions were taking place, one of the questions that kept … Read more

Tax Havens: The How & Why, Without the Semi-Hysteria

The following has been reproduced with kind permission from Jeffrey Robinson In the weeks following the release of “Secrecy for Sale” – the eBook version of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists’ (ICIJ) brilliant look at tax evasion and the role of the offshore world – the Internet, Facebook and Twitter (especially Twitter) went semi-hysterical with … Read more