Welcome to #TheFraudTube

A very warm welcome to you all and many thanks for taking the time to stop by. This website is the end result of a rather random idea that I had about a year ago. Back then I was posting news stories up on the Fraud Consulting website and I wanted the content to be … Read more

It Wasn’t Me, It Was Bennett Arron

So, Identity Theft. What is it really? Well, I’m glad you asked. It’s basically when your personal details are used fraudulently to open accounts or obtain documentation in your name. This could result in debts being accumulated, for which you would initially be accountable – until you prove yourself innocent. ID theft is quite commonplace … Read more

Just Spreading the Gospel…

I’ve been in financial services for more than 20 years, and in that time, I have been fortunate enough to experience a variety of interesting jobs, from directing large change programmes, launching new products/ services to managing process re-engineering consultancy teams. I am currently head of payment security at Barclaycard, where I oversee the security … Read more

Laurie Beagle: A Quick Introduction

My career has spanned credit management, business information, consultancy, Fraud Prevention & Investigations and credit & industry forums/focus groups which are run in the UK & Europe. My published mission is to provide credit, finance and risk professionals with a reliable source of information which they can call upon together with knowledge hubs and networks … Read more

Malcolm Gardner: The Big Picture Guy

Malcolm’s first blog entry will appear here shortly… About Malcolm Gardner Malcolm is the author of many articles on local authority administration, especially on benefits, fraud and technical matters. He ran the not-for-profit organisation, The Counter-Fraud Group between 1996 to 2011 and was the author of the LGA’s “Fraud Book”. Follow Malcolm on Twitter: @gardmal

Business Security Measures to Prevent Fake Twitter Accounts

Hacking a business Twitter account seems to be a favorite pastime for those wanting some kind of retribution and for others it’s just plain fun.  Once the businesses Twitter account is hacked their reputation is sullied making them look like they aren’t protecting their client’s data either. In the past year NBC, Fox News, USA Today and … Read more

#TheFraudTube Preview: Social Media Links

In addition to #TheFraudTube website you can also keep up to date and interact with #TheFraudTube using your chosen social media networks. Right now you can follow or link with #TheFraudTube using: LinkedIn: Join our LinkedIn group and network with your peers, events and jobs will be posted here as well Facebook: News and events … Read more

#TheFraudTube Preview: Information Security

As well as producing our own reports and content (as shown in earlier previews) we will also re-post a selection of news stories and reports from the internet such as the following from Business Technology. Greatest asset or biggest liability? Source: Business Technology, 8th April 2012 What’s the biggest security risk when it comes to information? … Read more